This website is run by Umm Zaynab Aalia bint Ehsanullah.

1. The following are the criteria used to select study guides for this site:
– well-known SALAFEE scholars are the basis
– translations from the scholars must be PRECISE
– questions on a book must be REPRESENTATIVE of the scholar’s words and not omit large sections of the scholar’s words nor add to them without references nor give undue weight and attention to some parts of the scholar’s words over others.
– study guides must be in a COMPLETE form
– the AUTHOR’s NAME must be given
– all material must be available FREE of charge

2. Please tell me your corrections and suggestions in private rather than telling others first. You can contact me on islamthestudyguides@gmail.com.

3. On a few occasions, I have linked to some resources on the internet with beneficial content. However, in general, I do not vouch for other material on websites that I am not responsible for. There is a great deal of benefit on the internet, in Arabic and English, but I have restricted myself to links that are verbatim translations in English from the scholars for the purposes of this website and to prevent overloading the reader.

4. All material on this site is copyright of the respective authors and must not be used for profit-making purposes.

5. The purpose of this website is not to teach.  There is a difference between teaching on one hand and helping each other to study on the other hand.

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