QUESTION: What is the response to the person who claims that he calls upon the awliyaa (beloved servants of Allaah) only as intermediaries between him and Allaah, and that he acknowledges that it is Allaah alone who is the Creator and the Sustainer?

ANSWER: Then this misguided person is just like the mushriks of old who also acknowledged tawheed ur ruboobeeyah, but made shirk in their worship by calling upon other than Allaah – claiming that their objects of worship were merely intermediaries between them and Allaah.

«Is it not that the religion of pure tawheed is for Allaah (alone)?

And those who take awliyaa other than Allaah (claim): We worship them only so that they might bring us closer to Allaah!»

Soorah az Zumar (39) aayah 3

And Allaah passes the verdict of kufr upon these people in the same aayah.

«Indeed, Allaah does not guide the liar, the disbeliever.»

Soorah az Zumar (39) aayah 3

(Taken from the Kashfush Shubuhaat Questions and Answers available on this website. This question was prepared using Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan’s explanation.)

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