NEW BLOG: Hadeeth Snippets anyone can memorise

Perhaps you want to learn a hadeeth in Arabic, but don’t think you are able to?

Perhaps you struggle with reading Arabic and feel shut out from hadeeth memorisation?

Perhaps you have children that you think are too young to memorise? is a new blog which presents short phrases that the Prophet sall Allaahu alaihi wa sallam actually said. They are taken from Nawawi’s 40 hadeeths. One is posted each week with short audios that you can listen to and colouring sheets for children. We hope that it will allow ANYONE to start memorising a hadeeth inshaa Allaah. The first hadeeth snippet will be sent out to subscribers of that blog in nine days’ time inshaa Allaah. They will not be sent out by Islam The Study Guides, so if you would like to receive them, you will have to sign up on the new blog.

It may seem like too small an effort to learn a few words a week, but if you’re regular, it will be worth it inshaa Allaah, in accordance with the hadeeth:

“The deeds most beloved to Allaah are those that are continuous, even if they be small.”

(Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Book of Eemaan)

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