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The importance of having knowledge as well as eemaan (true faith)

With regards to the virtue of having both knowledge of the Religion as well as eemaan, Imam al Qurtubee (rahimahullah) mentions about the aayah:

<<Allah raises in rank those from you who have eemaan (true faith) and those who have been given knowledge.>>

Soorah Mujaadilah (58) aayah 11

Meaning (He raises) in reward in the Hereafter, and in nobility in this worldly life. So He raises the believer over the one who is not a believer and (He raises) the scholar over the one who is not a scholar.

And ibn Mas’ood said: Allah praised the scholars in this aayah. And the meaning is that Allah raises those who have been given knowledge over those who have eemaan but have not been given knowledge. In rank – meaning ranks in their religion when they act upon that which they have been commanded to do.

(Tafseer al Qurtubee)

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